Bay Area Youth Soccer (BAYS) - Promoting Sportsmanship..Integrity..Fair Play
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located in
Bay Saint Louis Mississippi

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BAYS Mission Statement
To provide our youth the to participate in competitive , by and demonstrating , , , respect, and fair . To provide atmosphere where the player’s emotional well-being will be nurtured as they learn the importance of teamwork, determination, , and hard work. BAYS goals are to encourage these values in our players, coaches, parents, , and .

  • To a filled, every person in our
  • To promote , respect, and to all players, coaches and
  • To player self-esteem, confidence, and overall character
  • To assure that all adults associated with the are exemplary of , leadership and support
  • To provide an environment for coaches and to skills and techniques needed to teach and/or officiate the of soccer
  • To maintain a perspective the outcome of and
  • Continuously player and parent and a of soliciting constructive input from players and parents regarding any and all of the Bays Soccer
  • Build and maintain a sound financial Organization, capable of supporting various equipment purchases, maintenance and/or improvements

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