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The GotSoccer website is also designed to help support the coach, the family and the player. This site has so many free tools which you can use to learn the game and keep track of your players or just your child/children's progress.
So, your new to the game of soccer and coaching? Don't fret, everyone who has coached, started the same way you will. However, there is so much FREE information on the Internet for new and seasoned coaches, that its almost impossible to feel that your alone in your journey. It is really important to understand your journey is as important as your child learning the game. Why? You are the coach, the children on your team are going to learn the game of soccer from you and your assistant coach. It is extremely important that you take the time to learn the rules, the moves, the positions and the overall strategy of the game. You are probably thinking the strategy is to score goals on your opponent. If it were that easy, who would want to play? So, kick back and surf the Internet where you will find more useful information than you can shake a stick at.

Some helpful websites you may be interested in:

Other organizations which will help you become a soccer guru:

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